Animal Control

Animal Control Mission

The mission of Plaquemines Parish Animal Control is to protect the citizens of Plaquemines Parish from the dangers of diseased and nuisance animals; to legally protect animals from mistreatment; to enforce parish and state animal control laws; to educate our parish in responsible pet ownership; to provide temporary housing and care to homeless animals while coordinating possible adoptions through partner humane organizations.

PAWS staff partner with Plaquemines Animal Control Officers (ACO) to help deliver this mission by caring for the animals once they arrive at the shelter. ACO’s report directly to the Parish Health Department and provide the following services:

• Investigates animal bites
• Pick up strays
• Investigates nuisance complaints
• Investigates calls of neglect and abuse

455 F Edward Hebert Blvd
Belle Chasse, LA 70037
P: 504-934-6690
After Hours Emergency Assistance: 911
Parish Website:

Animal Control Hours
Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm
Animal Control Officers will not be on patrol on holidays or weekends.

Animal Control Ordinances
Click Here To View ORDINANCE NO. 17-122 (Increased Animal Control Fees)

Click Here To View New Animal Ordinances 2017 Flyer

Animal Control Q & A

Emergency Preparedness
If evacuating in an emergency, what to do with your pet? Take them with you!
For more information, click here.

What to do if you see a stray dog?
– Call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690.
– Describe the dog by breed, size, and color.
– Do not attempt to pick up the dog.  The dog may be frightened or aggressive.

Box trap rentals:      
– Box traps for dogs and cats are available for rental.
– Dog Traps are $25.00 per day
– Cat Traps are $15.00 per day

If you have an animal in the trap, call the Animal Control Department and an Animal Control Officer will retrieve the animal and trap.

Traps must not be set on Fridays or any day before a holiday.  Animal Control will not be on patrol on holidays or weekends.

What to do if you suspect animal neglect or abuse?
If you suspect an animal with a lack of food, water, shelter, or medical attention, call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690 or dial 911.

Animal Control picked up your dog or cat, how do you get her back?
Animal Control most likely picked up your pet because she was a stray or was involved in a bite case.  Call the Animal Control Department to insure we have your pet at 504-934-6690.  In order to be reunited, you will have to show proof of ownership, proof of rabies certificate within the past 12 months, and pay a fee.  The fee for first offense is $25.00, 2nd offense is $50.00, and 3rd offense is $100.00.  Additional boarding fees are calculated at $15.00 per day.  All fees must be paid and paperwork presented at the time of pick up.

Feral Cat Colonies
Feral cats are typically cats that live outdoors and has had no contact with humans.  Or, they are cats that once had human contact, but has diminished over time.  TNR (Trap, Neuter, and Return) is a great way to prevent over population.  It also enhances their overall health.  Some cats in the community may have an “ear tipped.”  This means that a cat was either spayed or neutered, and at the end of the surgery, the tip of the ear has been removed.

For more information on feral cats, cat colonies, TNR’s, and how to approach cats that are in your yard, visit the Alley Cat website.

What to do if you see an injured dog or cat?
– Call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690.
– Describe the dog by breed, size, and color.
– Do not attempt to pick up the dog. The dog may be frightened or aggressive.

What to do if you either see or become suspicious of dog or cock fighting?
Both dog and cock fighting are illegal in the state of Louisiana.  Call the Animal Control Department at 504-934-6690 or call 911.

What to do if you no longer want your pet?
There may be a variety of reasons you can no longer care for your pet.  Some may include finances, animal behavior, or lack of time. This can be a very difficult decision. Consider strongly before calling the Animal Control Department. Never release or dump your dog elsewhere. They may be involved in a traffic accident, become prey for wildlife, or become a nuisance to your neighbor. A stray dog or cat that is not spayed or neuter will cause an unbelievable increase in stray overpopulation.

What to do if there is a bite case?
If you or anyone you know was involved with a bite case, cleanse the wound with soap and water. Further medical attention may be needed. Record the breed, size, and currently location of the animal. Call the Animal Control Department to report the bite as soon as possible. The animal control officer must pick up the animal and hold the animal for 10 days, which is required by state law. A record of the animal’s rabies vaccination record is also needed.

Do not feed wild animals!
Plaquemines Parish is rich in wildlife, so it’s tempting to interact with wild animals such as raccoons, coyotes, armadillos, and opossums. However, feeding wildlife can attract other animals which should not be encountered.  Wild animals are known to carry disease and in many circumstances, are a nuisance.

What to do if I hear or see coyotes:
Coyotes certainly exist in Plaquemines Parish. By nature, coyotes are shy of people and will avoid any contact. However, coyotes will hunt for food and they target insects and smaller animals. Pet owners must keep their pets confined. All owners should also maintain their properties by keeping high grass and weeds to a minimum. Food bowls intended for dogs and cats should be removed during non-feeding times. Do not leave food out in the open during the night. Garbage cans must have tight fitting lids to deter all animals. If encountered, it’s best to haze (scare) the coyotes away. Hazing involves the use of noise makers (banging pots together, for example) and making eye contact with the coyote. Continue with making noise until the coyote is no longer in view.

Additional information on coyotes is found here.