Tripod Fund

Say hello to our three-legged doggies!

Captain America and Iron Man are two boys that had bad luck with vehicles, and although we can save both lives we were unable to save their legs. Captain America had surgery a week and a half ago and is healing well. He can get around on 3 legs easily and doesn’t let a missing limb slow him down! Iron Man is small but mighty and just had his surgery this week. He’ll need a week to heal but we’re confident he’ll learn to be just as mobile as Captain America!

We’re so thankful we have the ability to provide these surgeries and give these boys a second chance. All together, the medical expenses for both dogs will reach $800-$1,000.

We’ve set up a PayPal link – so if you are able please consider donating to help us cover expenses. Captain America and Iron Man say thank you!


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